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They benefited from my help, what did they think of it?

"I have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Bonjour on many occasions. Thanks to her excellent knowledge of social and healthcare systems, she is a valuable resource in dealing with insurance companies (health, DI, etc.), particularly through the review and adaptation of reports to the information needs of insurance companies, which facilitates the smooth progress of cases. She is also a great help in contacts with the justice system (PLAFA, etc.). In addition, she is highly appreciated by patients. Mrs. Bonjour is efficient and highly professional, and I can only recommend her services to my colleagues."

Dresse Cécile Campiotti, Lausanne


"In order to help my patients who are struggling with the system, I have always been able to rely on Odile's invaluable skills. She knows social insurances and their workings inside out and is indispensable to me. I trust her completely and recommend her with my eyes closed to anyone who needs a guide in the Swiss insurance jungle."

Lucie v. N., dietician

"Odile Bonjour was a great help to me in redoing my resume as well as preparing a cover letter for a job offer. She very quickly saw what was necessary to keep or not in my resume, to make the necessary changes to make it up to date, thanks to her mastery of the computer tools inherent to this type of work and especially to her precise and professional eye.


Similarly for my cover letter, Odile Bonjour was able to find the right formulations to make my letter attractive, while taking into account the message I wanted to convey.


I know that I could now turn to her with confidence if I had to do this kind of work again, and that I could rely on her precision and professionalism."

Alexia, Lausanne

"I'm a super resourceful person who loves to solve everything that is passing by. However, when it comes to taxes and health insurance, I often have no understanding. Odile has allowed me to unlock very critical situations, to recover large sums of money and above all to better understand my rights, my possibilities and the right way to deal with all these issues. It changed my life, I have immense gratefulness for her."

Martine Corthésy, Professional Coach, Specialist High Potential

"I collaborated with Mrs. Odile Bonjour as part of my institutional professional activities. At the time, our mission was to deal with extremely complex situations due to the nature of the patients' psychiatric disorders, but also to difficult social situations. The latter covered a wide variety of fields, such as health, disability and loss of income insurances. I have also benefited from Mrs Bonjour's skills in the field of employment and ORP and CSR relations, migration (with SPOP, EVAM) and basic legal advice for my patients (LAMal, LAA, LARA, etc.). I would like to underline here the professionalism, commitment and seriousness of Mrs Bonjour, who has always been available and attentive. I can only recommend her services and wish her all the best in this new and original professional step. I look forward to working with her again."

Dr Norberto Moreno-Dávila, Lausanne

"I am in a period of profound changes in my life, which raises many questions (both about where I live and how my work is organized). I felt that I needed help to think and find solutions.


Odile helped me to move forward in my thinking. By her listening, by her kindness, by the relevance of her feedbacks, I put aside things that unnecessarily disturbed me and I was able to put my finger on the real heart of the problem. As the session progressed, I perceived clarity in my mind. Then we established together a roadmap for the actions I will take in the coming weeks. I was relieved to leave with this document. 


In conclusion, I would say that the session was extremely positive. In one hour, an important point for me was unlocked and I prepared the future in a pragmatic way. All my gratitude, then, for this high quality professional! I highly recommend Odile's work!"

Mathilde, Lausanne

"Odile was able to give us a valuable help to find our way through the jungle of health insurance. She advised us judiciously and in a neutral way. This has allowed us to adapt our insurance policies to our real needs."

Valérie et Carlo S., Bourg-en-Lavaux

"Facing my admin, and especially if there is a problem, I panic and feel completely helpless. Awful. Odile was able to explain, reassure me, help me write letters and above all, give me hope and confidence. Even today, it still helps me."

Liloo B, Nyon<

"Our sessions allow me to take big steps, to encourage myself to go on and not give up, to keep patience and perseverance... what a learning experience! So thank you for your professionalism, your rigour, your openness, your good mood and your kindness!"

Florence M., Yverdon-les-Bains

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