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You are a psychiatrist or psychologist in a private practice

You wish to save time and free yourself from the social aspects of your patients follow-ups

You want to best meet your patients needs during your consultations but with a broader framework.


For your patients, a highly effective social support


  • Help with budget

  • Interactions with social insurances

  • Support job or activities searches

  • Wider plan of care through CBT : self-affirmation, managing emotions and anxieties, decision-making

For you, professionals in a private practice :


  • An interface with the many different social institutions and insurances

  • Proofreading of medical reports for insurances and explanations on the possibilities ​of intervention by social insurances

  • Anamnesis supplemented by social reports

  • Our services are part of your normal business expense accounting

  • Hourly rates of CHF 125,00 (except workshops)

  • Billing on time actually worked

  • For each case, a proposal is customized according to your needs and those of your patients

It's free and no commitment is required

Examples of services provided

Prestations pro

Social assessment : targeted or comprehensive assessment of the patient's social situation

he social assessment may concern:

  • the situation and the professional history

  • the education and training courses followed or in progress

  • the housing situation

  • the budget

  • the family situation

  • the administrative and social situation


In particular, it allows orientation on specialized services according to the problems but also a better understanding of patients' resources and difficulties.

Disability insurance (DI) : support for the patient in the DI process

  • Presentation of the DI system and process

  • Support to the patient in completing the DI application

  • Support to the patient in gathering the necessary documents and sending the application form

  • Follow-up of the file (direct and regular contact with the referents of the file, follow-up letter if necessary, accompaniment of the patient to DI appointments)

  • Review of DI medical reports / DI review reports

  • Support to the patient in administrative procedures after decision (explanation of the different complementary schemes, control of 2nd and 3rd pillar rights, right to supplementary benefits, etc...)

  • Support in the AI reintegration process (initiation, support for appointments, checking the adequacy between the project and residual health problems)

Health insurance (KVG/LAMal) : information and support for continued reimbursement

  • Annual information on changes in premiums and subsidies

  • Support for the change of affiliation and the determination of the best insurance coverage according to the financial situation

  • Proofreading of medical reports to the health insurance

  • Support to the patient in the management and reimbursement of medical bills (implementation of an invoice tracking system, contact with the insurer, contact with the billing organization)

Budget & finance : assessment and support to improve the financial situation

  • Assessment of the patient's financial situation

  • Drawing up a budget

  • Tax return (excluding owners and self-employed)

  • Simple debt reduction plans

  • Support for financial empowerment

  • Control of the aid that can be obtained

  • Budget monitoring with the patient over 3 months

Administrative : sorting and support for the remediation of the administrative situation

  • Sorting of pending mail

  • Assistance in writing letters (employer, management, social assistance, etc.)

  • Implementation of a system allowing autonomous operation (see administrative coaching)

Professional : support for job search/change

  • Assistance in preparing a professional application file

  • Support for professional change (see professional coaching)

Justice : assistance and preparation of proceedings before various legal entities

  • Writing a letter of request for PLAFA

  • Request for lifting of medical secrecy

  • Preparation of hearings

  • Proofreading of reports and/or assistance in writing reports for the courts (excluding expert reports)

Children's protection : support and follow-up of the actions with the services concerned

  • Drafting of reports to the Youth Protection Service

  • Contact with the social workers of the Youth Protection Service

Social network : liaison and support in dealing with the patient's social network

  • Contact with the social network already established to clarify and/or unblock the patient's situation (shelters, social services, unemployment services, etc.)

  • Accompaniment of the patient with these different partners

  • Support in administrative procedures: preparation of aid application files, support for sending the documents necessary for payment or renewal of aid

Coaching : support for change and its management

  • Decision-making and mobilization support, work on defining skills and opportunities for change

  • Stress and emotional management assistance - 3-4 sessions (CBT techniques)

Information workshops on different topics

Groups from 10 people | 2 hours | CHF 50,00 p.p.) | dates on request

  • Social insurance: KVG/LAMal, 3-pillar prevention, OASI/DI system, various insurance policies

  • Social assistance: social aid, subsidies, supplementary benefits, etc.

  • Administrative management: budget, mail management, etc.

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