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You find Swiss insurance and administration complicated and want to understand something about it


You want to save time and money through approaches adjusted to your situation and solutions adapted to your budget


You want a change in your life, professional or private, but don't know where to start

To make your daily life easier or in a complicated period, an effective social support:

  • Budget support

  • Approaches to social security and administrations

  • Job search support

  • Information on your rights and guidance on insurance, employment, housing, etc.

  • Through coaching and CBT tools: self-assertion, emotion and anxiety management, decision-making

To support you in change and decision-making:


  • Self-assertion, emotion and anxiety management
  • Various coaching services at professional and personal level:
    - definition of a goal
    - resources identification
    - obstacles identification
    - development of an action plan

Benefits : Increase efficiency by knowing where you stand and what you can do

  • For each case, a proposal is customized according to your needs and your means

  • Hourly rates of CHF 125,00 (except workshops)

  • Billing on time actually worked

  • Payment by invoice, Twint or cash

It's free and no commitment is required

Examples of services provided

Prestations privés

Social assessment : targeted or comprehensive assessment of your social situation

The social assessment may concern:

  • the situation and the professional history

  • the education and training courses followed or in progress

  • the housing situation

  • the budget

  • the family situation

  • the administrative and social situation


In particular, it allows orientation on specialized services according to the problems but also a better understanding of the resources and difficulties of each and everyone

Disability insurance (DI) : support in the DI process

  • Presentation of the DI system and process

  • Support in completing the DI application

  • Support in gathering of the necessary documents and in sending the application form

  • Follow-up of the file (direct and regular contact with the referents of the file, follow-up letter if necessary, accompaniment to DI appointments)

  • Support in administrative procedures after decision (explanation of the different complementary schemes, control of 2nd and 3rd pillar rights, right to supplementary benefits, etc...)

  • Support in the AI reintegration process (initiation, support for appointments, checking the adequacy between the project and residual health problems)

Health insurance (KVG/LAMal) : information and support for reimbursement procedures

  • Annual information on changes in premiums and subsidies

  • Support for the change of affiliation and the determination of the best insurance coverage according to the financial situation

  • Support in the management and reimbursement of medical bills (implementation of an invoice tracking system, contact with the insurer, contact with the billing organization)

Budget & finance : assessment and support to improve the financial situation

  • Assessment of your financial situation

  • Drawing up a budget

  • Tax return (excluding owners)

  • Simple debt reduction plans

  • Support for financial empowerment

  • Control of the aid that can be obtained

  • Budget monitoring over 3 months

Administrative : sorting and support for the remediation of the administrative situation

  • Sorting of pending mail

  • Assistance in writing letters (employer, management, social assistance, etc.)

  • Implementation of a system allowing autonomous operation (see administrative coaching)

Professional : support for job search/change

  • Assistance in preparing a professional application file

  • Support for professional change (see professional coaching)

Social network : liaison and support in dealing with your social network

  • Contact with the social network already established to clarify and/or unblock your situation (shelters, social services, unemployment services, etc.)

  • Accompaniment of the patient with these different partners

  • Support in administrative procedures: preparation of aid application files, support for sending the documents necessary for payment or renewal of aid

Coaching : support for change and its management

  • Decision-making and mobilization support, work on defining skills and opportunities for change

  • Stress and emotional management assistance - 3-4 sessions (CBT techniques)

  • Organizational coaching: reorganization of daily life, determination of priorities and needs, implementation of time management tools, etc.

  • Administrative coaching: organization and filing of documents, setting up a monitoring system and a time-scale, etc.

  • Professional coaching: analysis of aspirations, skills assessment, exploration of possible changes, adaptation of the professional file accordingly, etc.


Information workshops on different topics

Groups from 10 people | 2 hours | CHF 50,00 p.p.) | dates on request

  • Social insurance: KVG/LAMal, 3-pillar prevention, OASI/DI system, various insurance policies

  • Social assistance: social aid, subsidies, supplementary benefits, etc.

  • Administrative management: budget, mail management, etc.

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