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"The Insurance and Patient Relationship - Understanding the players, improving collaboration, and gaining efficiencies"

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Place: Espace Dickens - Avenue Dickens 4 - 1006 Lausanne

Speakers: Odile Bonjour, Sabrina Caillet-Zahler and Cécile Campiotti



  • To know better the players of the Swiss health care and insurances system : to be familiar to which insurance, when and how to direct the patients

  • To write a medical report according to the insurance type (LAMAL, LCA, AI, APG)

  • To gain time and efficiences in the collaboration with the insurances

  • To conduct an investigation for the purpose of dealing with insurances

  • To be aware of the importance that the patient is correctly oriented from the beginning of his/her care

  • To discuss the medical report with a patient

  • To support and motivate the patient in his/her dealings with the health/social partners

  • To employ ethical, ontological and legal guidelines so as to focus on the patients best interests and care


  • Health team members wishing to update their knowledge of the Swiss health-social system.

  • Therapists wishing to best orientate their patients and cooperate with the insurances.

  • Psychologists / Psychiatrists / Psychotherapists / Medical doctors who must write reports to insurances.


Course content

During this training, we will explore four of the main insurance systems in Switzerland, meaning the mandatory health insurance  (LAMal) and the private supplementary health insurances, the loss of income insurances (IPG), as well as the disability insurance (DI/AI). We will also discuss how to investigate the distress met by the patients and their resources, and collaborate on ways to cooperate and communicate with those different partners for the benefits of the patients and the smooth running of their therapy.

After presenting how the insurances work and their missions, we will work on their required reporting and how to answer their questions. Special attention will be given to writing medical reports for disability insurance, information required for the continuation of therapy after the 40th session, and finally, answering the entry questionnaires for the private supplementary health insurances.

Part of the course will be dedicated to bio-psycho-social investigation. Beyond refreshing your knowledge and competences in the psychopathology assessment, evaluation of the vulnerabilities and strengths of the patient, and conducting an anamnesis, we will also focus on the relevant information needed to enhance the cooperation of the insurances. Such assessments orient patients towards the best health-social partner, improve the efficiency of writing the medical reports, ease the interactions with the system actors, and ultimately, to speed the process of our patients cases.

This will also better allow therapists to ethically discuss and collaborate with patients regarding reports provided to the insurances, and why this information has been provided.

This will be an interactive workshop mixing theoretical and practical exercises including report writing, role playing games, discussing reports with patients, and providing examples in order to discuss deontological and methodological issues.


Odile Bonjour is a coach and social worker specializing in psychiatry, with a degree in social sciences and a CAS in social work ethics issued by the University of Lausanne, and qualified as a professional coach. With a wealth of almost 20 years experience in state institutions, she actually works in a private practice, offering her expertise and support to health private professionals and follow-ups to individuals. She also teaches in various post graduate continuing education courses for health professionals.

Odile Bonjour

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Odile Bonjour

Sabrina Caillet-Zahler is a psychologist specialist in psychotherapy FSP, recognized on the federal level, and a graduate in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CAS and DAS in CBT) issued by the Universities of Lausanne and Fribourg. After several years working in state institutions, she now works in a private practice in Gland and Aigle where she offers individual follow-ups and therapeutic groups. She is also the coordinator of post graduate CBT training and regularly teach in pre and post graduate courses.

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Sabrina Caillet-Zahler

Sabrina Caillet-Zahler

Cécile Campiotti

Cécile Campiotti

Cécile Campiotti is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist FMH (Swiss medical association), with a psychodynamic approach, and holder of a medical degree issued by the University of Lausanne.

Particularly specialised in eating disorders, she has worked since 2010 as a senior fellow in an outpatient clinic dedicated to those pathologies at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV). Simultaneously, she works in a private practice in Lausanne where she offers individual psychotherapy.

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