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Odile Bonjour

A social worker for more than 20 years, I discovered this profession as a teenager when our family briefly become a foster family for the regional child protection program (SPJ). Impressed by the calm efficiency of the social worker who came to our place, the idea of making his job my profession slowly came through. That's how, after getting a degree in social sciences on the benches of the University of Lausanne, I started my career at the General Hospice in Geneva.


During 10 years, at the General Hospice then at the Regional social centre of Nyon, I learnt the bases of the profession et acquired strong skills in social insurances, in law, in budget management and in what meant a lot to me in this job: find solutions to situations that seem to be dead-ends as well as fight for my clients rights. It was during this period that I trained in ethics of social work, training validated by a CAS from the University of Lausanne.


A new phase of almost a decade in the CHUV's psychiatry department has allowed me to develop another dimension of this profession: guiding without directing, helping my patients to discover and mobilize their own resources and skills, but also enabling them to assert themselves without imposing themselves. To do this, I trained in cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, in debriefing and in coaching.

The assessment of my years of work in the social field and the fact that my knowledge is also sought after by a wider population has made me want to put my skills and experience at the service of everyone. Today, I teach and take part in various adult training courses, including continuing education for psychologists, while at the same time developing this new activity as a coach and independent social worker. I am also a member of the Vaud Psychological Unit and a guest member of the ethics commission of the CHUV.

It's free and no commitment is required

Facilitate your interactions with insurances and administrations

Clarify your situation and improve your decision-making

Save time and money

  • Swiss administrative and insurance systems are increasingly complicated to understand

  • A few explanations and an outside look are often enough to unlock a situation

This gave rise to the idea of an independent social worker, who gives access to skills previously only available to beneficiaries of medical care or state assistance, enabling everyone to gain efficiency in their private and professional lives.

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